Mexican Work Culture

by Cesar Martinez

The work culture in Mexico is very interesting, Mexicans tend to be very hard-working by nature, and in Mexico, the work culture is very deep-rooted as it has evolved over generations. Mexicans tend to work hard in any sector in which they know, whether it is an office worker, independent professional, doctor, constructor worker, or farmer. Mexicans assign a lot of value to their dreams, aspirations, and family; Mexican culture is focused on the collective since the family has great value, Mexicans like to see their family and friends develop. In Mexico, progress is measured by the quality of life of the family and this factor is predominant when it comes to working, since motivation is great, a Mexican has the motivation of his loved ones and friends.

The work culture in Mexico comes from ancient times, the Aztecs who had their capital “Tenochtitlan”(currently Mexico City), were a very well-organized civilization focused on work, the Aztecs had an education system, healthcare, trade, and political structures from which they managed their empire. The Mayans are well known for being a civilization focused on scientific work, with scientific information documented in the ruins of their civilization. The Mayans stood out in sciences such as mathematics and astronomy, with very surprising information even in our time. The Spanish provided cutting-edge knowledge in their time to American civilizations. It must be remembered that Spain was the main power in the world between the 15th and 17th centuries, a time known as the “Spanish Golden Age.” The mixture of Spanish and American culture created a culture focused on large-scale economic growth. The Spanish brought knowledge about administration, agriculture, livestock, manufacturing, commerce, and mining from Europe, which created a culture that mixed the best of American and European civilizations.

Mexico stands out for its originality in work, proof of this is the complexity of the works carried out by musicians, artisans, painters, writers, and artists. The modern Mexican has adapted very well to the new times, the Industrial sector is very competitive, and in Mexico car brands from several countries are assembled. In Mexico, the service sector has also grown. Mexico is one of the main tourist destinations in the world as it offers quality services and activities. It is very common for large companies in the world to have their factories and offices in Mexico since they know that everything made in Mexico is of good quality.

Another virtue in Mexicans is maintaining concentration and increasing the pace in emergencies and crises. I witnessed this virtue several times in all the places I worked in Mexico. As an example, there is the tourism sector in Cancun during hurricanes and storms; When I worked at a travel agency many flights were canceled, and we had to protect our clients by finding hotels where they could stay and rescheduling their flights. It was a situation that put nerves to the limit since there was tension with the tourist suppliers. I always admired how my coworkers behaved in those emergencies, everyone put in their maximum effort and concentration to solve difficult problems in a very short time. During those times I remember that every night I felt proud of all the operational feats that we all achieved together, I felt like after having won a soccer game.

Mexicans have good long-term performance. The Mexican worker maintains the quality of his work as the years go by. Mexicans manage their emotions and minds well, maintaining high motivation even if they have been working in the same place for several years. Workers in Mexico avoid burnout generated by work by maintaining a balance between work and social life. Social life is very important in Mexico, Mexicans maintain emotional and mental stability by interacting with family and friends in their free time. Social gatherings lift spirits and motivate. The most common thing for a Mexican is to remain working in the same place for a long time until he finds a greater opportunity for his development.